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AIDS – 2006 – SIDA

Nesta página, em ordem alfabética por nome de país, emissões filatélicas sobre a AIDS de 13 Nações: Áustria, Bangladeche, China, Equador, Filipinas, Índia, Madagascar, Marrocos, Mônaco, Namíbia, Portugal, Romênia e Sérvia.

Áustria – Selo emitido em 20/05/2006, com valor facial de 0,75 centavos de euros (EUR), “Life Ball 2006 – Naomi Campbell”...?

Primary theme Mankind (Women). Subject: “Life Ball 2006 – Naomi Campbell”. Width: 50.0 mm. Height: 31.8 mm. Denomination: 0.75 €. Number in set: 1. Layout/Format sheet of 50. Perforations: 13.5 by 13.5. Number of Copies: 800.000. Printing Style: Photogravure. Design: Michael Rosenfeld. Printed by: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH. Type: Special issue series.

Life Ball 2006 -- It is already some thing like a tradition: the Life Ball – inseparably associated with the topic of Aids and Aids research. As one of the largest charity events in the world, the Life Ball, unlike the traditional ball events in Vienna, is a bright and sumptuous festivity with lots of bare skin. As in previous years, the colourful social event will take place in the historic setting of the Vienna Town Hall. The organizer of the Life Ball, Gerry Keszler, not only creates “a huge festivity of life that addresses all the senses”, he also raises considerable funds to benefit aids research with this annual event. One of the star guests for the 2006 Life Ball is the famous model Naomi Campbell. The dark-skinned beauty, who holds a special position even amongst the world top-paid models, is in the truest sense of the word decorating the new commemorative stamp.

Naomi Campbell was born on May 22, 1970, in London. She studied at the London Academy for Performing Arts, and at the age of 14 begin training at the highly reputed “Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts” in London. Her first public performance was in February in 1978 in a music video with famous reggae singer Bob Marley. Finally, in 1985 she was discovered by the agency of the women's magazine “Elle” in the London district of Covent Garden. Naomi Campbell was then contracted by the “Synchro Models” agency – beginning one of the most breathtaking careers in the international model business. In the course of the years she has not only presented the collections of the most expensive fashion designers, she has also posed for the greatest photographers – and there is hardly any magazine cover that has not yet carried a photo of this dark muse. However, Naomi Campbell is not only successful as a photo model – she has also tried her hand as an actress, singer, author and, most recently, as the creator of her own cosmetic line, and has achieved considerable international acclaim. Like many other celebrities Naomi Campbell supports UNESCO, being particular committed to her home country Jamaica and having kindergartens and houses built in her name.

With a net profit over 1 million Euro, 2005 was also the most successful Life Ball since the event was first launched. As each year, top models from Austria and abroad will present creations and daring outfits by famous fashion designers on a huge catwalk built on the town hall square in the form of a red Aids ribbon. Countless international stars and artists participate as a clear signal and advertisement for humanity, tolerance and understanding. The Austrian Post Office is once again one of the supporters of the Life Ball through the release of the new commemoratives – as in the last two years.

FDC Life Ball 2006 – The First Day Cover for the commemorative stamp “Life Ball 2006 – Naomi Campbell” with the Official Special Postmark of Vienna. Unit price: 1,20 EUR.

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Bangladeche – Selo sobre FDC emitido em 06/12/2006, Dhaka: “World AIDS Day – 2006 – Stop Aids Keep the Promise”, com valor facial de 10 Tacas. (Special Cover)... JT

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China – Carnê emitido em 2006 de 8 selos postais com valor facial de 80 iuan cada, cuja imagem é a mesma, mas cada um deles mostra na respectiva vinheta vários temas de saúde ou organizações... NT

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Equador – Selo emitido em 27/10/2006: “Homenagem às Nações Unidas – os objetivos de desenvolvimento do Milênio – ODM” (NT). Os FDCs oficiais são numerados e parece que só foram emitidos 250. Também existe a brochura com histórico e informações técnicas sobre a emissão. Além da logomarca das NU, os 9 desenhos simbolizam:

  1. reduzir a pobreza (reduce poverty)
  2. ampliar a educação (extend education)
  3. igualdade de generos entre homem e mulher (equality of genres)
  4. reduzir a mortalidade infantil (reduce infantile mortality)
  5. saúde materna (maternal health)
  6. saúde (health)
  7. reduzir o HIV – SIDA (reduce AIDS)
  8. meio-ambiente (environment)
  9. alianzas (alliances)
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Filipinas – Série emitida em 19/10/2006: “U.N. United Nations – Millenium Development” (NT). O selo com valor facial de 7 pesos mostra a inscrição “Tumayo Tayo”, a qual em filipino significa o selo seguinte, com valor facial de 26 pesos, que traz a inscrição em inglês “Stand Up” (levante-se). A folha com 20 selos mostra no centro 8 vinhetas enumerando o Desenvolvimento do Milênio, assim como o cachê do lado esquerdo do FDC, mostrado abaixo:

  1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  2. Achieve universal primary education
  3. Promote gender equality and empowerment of women
  4. reduzir a mortalidade infantil (Reduce child mortality)
  5. Improve maternal health
  6. Control HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  7. Ensure environmental sustainability
  8. Global partnership for development
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Índia – Selo emitido em 01/12/2006: “World AIDS Day”, com valor facial de 5,00 rupias indianas, cuja imagem de fundo mostra a multidão em fotografia branco e preto... 1st December 2006: A commemorative postage stamp on 'World Aids Day'. Denomination INR 05.00. NT

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Madagascar – Selo emitido em 10/02/2006: “Fight against HIV/AIDS”, com valor facial de 300,00 Ar (MGF). Medidas: 30 mm × 40 mm. Picotagem: 13 × 13. Impresso em folha de 50 selos, por ITVF – LA POSTE. Stamp issuing authority Paositra Malagasy. NT

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Marrocos – Selo emitido em 01/12/2006: “Journée Mondiale du Sida”. Valor facial: 7,8 Dh. Formato: 30 × 40 mm.

Un quart de siècle après le début de l'épidémie du Sida, la souffrance des personnes atteintes par le virus VIH persiste. Elles sont rejetées par leurs proches, leurs amis, leurs collègues et par leur société…etc.

Le premier cas du Sida a été enregistré dans le monde en 1981. Au Maroc, c'était en 1986... A ce jour, il y a plus de 25 millions de décès causés par le Sida. Plus de 40 millions de personnes dans le monde sont atteintes actuellement du virus VIH/Sida. Une situation alarmante et inquiétante confirmée par les derniers chiffres mondiaux sur le Sida.

Le danger de cette épidémie a fait l'objet d'un signal d'alarme pour sensibiliser à la nécessité de la lutte contre cette maladie dévastatrice. Tel fût l'objet du message adressé par Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI que Dieu l'Assiste à la Session Extraordinaire de l'Assemblée Générale de l'ONU en 2001.

L'espoir qui nous convie à lutter ensemble contre ce fléau par des campagnes, des journées nationales de sensibilisation dans le cadre du Slogan choisi cette année: “Stop Sida, Tenons nos promesses”.

Comme en 1991, Poste Maroc participe cette année à cette campagne de lutte contre le Sida par l'émission d'un timbre-poste spécial.

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Mônaco – Selo emitido em 01/12/2006: 10 Anos de Luta Contra a SIDA ou “10 Ans de Lutte Contre le SIDA” (Fight Aids Monaco – 10 Years Against AIDS), com valor facial de 0,49€ quarenta e nove centavos de euros. Artista: Philippe Briffault. Processo de impressão: Ofsete. Medidas: 40 × 30 mm horizontal. Houve também a emissão de FDC... NT

H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie is President of “Fight Aids Monaco”, an Association created in 2004 which gathers several previous initiatives. More than 10 years of initiatives and fight against AIDS are commemorated.

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Namíbia – Namibia Overprinted Stamp – Health Issue N$ 2.45 overprinted N$ 3.10... Em 13 de abril de 2006, foi emitido um selo alusivo sobre a Aids, o qual foi remarcado com a sobretaxa de N$ 3.10, cancelando o antigo valor facial de N$ 2.45, emitido em 2002. Parece que 12.000 selos foram remarcados... NT

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Portugal – Crouzet ATM’s complete serie AIDS 2006 violet... Latest AMIEL labels AIDS 2006 complete serie (0,30 / 0,48 / 0,52 / 0,60 / 0,75 “Correio Normal” e 0,45 / 1,80 “Correio Azul”) in black coulor. Série etiquetas Aids, AMIEL, CROUZET, E-POST... Selos Correio Azul e FDC Correio Normal adquirido de Julio em 04/11.

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Romênia – HIV AIDS SIDA 1 stationery cover 2006 Romania. NT

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Sérvia – Série de 4 selos emitida em 2006: “Stop AIDS”, com valores faciais de 8,00 dinares servos cada selo. NT

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