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Zoológicos do Texas (TX)

Dos índios Caddo, “teysha” significa oi, amigo.

Abilene – Austin – Brownsville – Corpus Christi – Dallas – El Paso – Fort Worth – Galveston – Glen Rose – Houston – Lufkin – San AntonioTyler – Victoria – Waco

The North Texas area is fortunate enough to have many fine zoos. The Fort Worth Zoo and the Dallas Zoo are certainly two of the biggest and most well know but there are also smaller ones in the area worth visiting.

The Caldwell Zoo is one of those smaller ones. Located in Tyler, TX this underrated establishment. With free admission, it makes a great stop for both kids and adults.

Abilene Zoological Gardens (abaixo)
Austin Zoo (abaixo)
Gladys Porter Zoo (abaixo)
Texas State Aquarium (localizado em Corpus Christi)
Dallas World Aquarium (localizado em Dallas)
Dallas Zoo (abaixo)
El Paso Zoo (localizado em El Paso)
Fort Worth Zoo (localizado em Fort Worth)
Rainforest at Moody Gardens, Inc. (localizado em Galveston)
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (localizado em Glen Rose)
Houston Zoo (localizado em Houston)
Ellen Trout Zoo (localizado em Lufkin)
Sea World San Antonio (localizado em San Antonio)
San Antonio Zoological Gardens & Aquariums (localizado em San Antonio)
Caldwell Zoo (localizado em Tyler)
Texas Zoo (localizado em Victoria)
Cameron Park Zoo (localizado em Waco)

Abilene Zoological Gardens
Endereço: Abilene – TX – USA

Scott: Abilene Zoological Gardens
The thirteen acre zoo is divided into three habitat areas: the Texas Plains, the African Veldt, and the Herpetarium. The Texas Plains area features animals native to the area, including bison, prong horn, javelina, coyote, wild turkey, prairie dogs, and roadrunners. The African Veldt area features hyenas, tigers, lions, elephants and a unique giraffe containment area with a bridge allowing hand-feeding of these long necked creatures.

Ellen Trout Zoo
The Zoo houses over 500 reptiles, birds and mammals from around the world. Currently, the zoo is undergoing the largest expansion project since it opened in 1967.

Girafa Masai e rinoceronte branco exhibits opened in the summer of 1999. Currently the zoo is in the design phase for a new Nile Hippopotamus exhibit that will feature under and above water viewing.

Austin Zoo
Enderço: P.O. BOX 91808 – Austin, TX 78709 or
10807 Rawhide Trail – Austin, TX 78709 –

Dallas Zoo – (neste zoo há ocapis)

Anita Schanberger (, Curator of Mammals at the Dallas Zoo (1999)

Escultura de girafa na entrada do Zoológico de Dallas, localizado na cidade de mesmo nome, Dallas, no estado do Texas. Fotógrafo: Richard Cummins (Image: 7934-169). Imagem original de Lonely.

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Gladys Porter Zoo –
Endereço: 500 Ringgold, Brownsville TX 78520 USA

Fundado em 1971, tem uma área de 12,5 hectares e é administrado pelo governo estadual, managed by Zoological Society... Neste zoo existem girafas da subespécie reticulada! (não tem foto)

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