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Girafas e Ocapis em Brookfield Zoo

Endereço: 300 Golf Road
Brookfield IL 60513 USA

Fundado em 1934, tem uma área de 57,4 hectares e é administrado por Forest Preserve District of Cook County and zoological society.

Brookfield Zoo’s herd of reticulated giraffes live in Habitat Africa! The Savannah. In warm weather they can be seen outside in their spacious yard. In winter, you can see them up close inside the kopje exhibit. Brookfield Zoo has been very successful in breeding reticulated giraffes.

Um ocapi fêmea chamada Sudi, foi para o Zoológico de Wuppertal (Alemanha) em 24/09/1998. Neste zoo existem girafas da subespécie reticulada e também ocapis.

Note: In 1959, the Brookfield Zoo became the site of the first okapi birth in North America, and since then many more have been born there.

Frente e verso de cartão-postal que mostra girafas no Zoológico de Brookfield “Rubber Necks” (Ricardo, 08/08)... Tenho outros cartões-postais: foto colorida com dois filhotes The Chicago Zoological Society Brookfield Zoo ILL (60513), dois cartões-postais pintados antigos Giraffes The Chicago Zoological Park at Brookfield (184) e Masai Giraffes (P&B) The Chicago Zoological Park Brookfield, ILL (adquiridos de Ricardo, em 07/08).

29/08/2001: The most recent birth is Mashama, a male giraffe born on August 29, 2001. He is the first offspring of both his 10-year-old mother, Franny, and his five-year-old father, Dusti. His name means “surprise” in a Zimbabwean dialect, and was chosen because staff was astounded and delighted that Franny gave birth so late in life.

It is a little hard to get a good look at newborn Mashama’s face. That’s because he’s a bit taller than the average youngster -Mashama is a 5-foot-9-inch male reticulated giraffe calf.

Currently, Franny and her calf have access to an indoor area at the zoo’s Habitat Africa! The Savannah exhibit. Dusti and two other females, Kelsey, 3, and Mithra, 11, can be seen outdoors. Eventually, Franny and Mashama will be reunited with the rest of the herd. Initially the young giraffe’s legs were a little weak.

After careful assessment, the zoo’s veterinarians and animal care staff decided to wrap his lower hind legs to help support them for the first few days of his life. Veterinarians removed the bandages after 72 hours, and he is getting stronger every day.

A giraffe calf is born following a gestation period of 14½ months. The mother gives birth while standing, which entails a nearly six foot drop for the newborn--quite a rude awakening! The calf gains its footing within an hour of birth.

During his first few months of life, Mashama will not be very active, which will enable him to grow more quickly. It is not unusual for a calf to grow three feet in six months. Mashama may nurse for up to 13 months and remains with its mother for several more.

In the wild, reticulated giraffes inhabit dry savannahs and open woodlands in northeastern Kenya. Although once common, their numbers have decreased due to excessive hunting and land-use competition.

In 2000, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association formed a new Species Survival Plan (SSP) for three species of giraffes – reticulated, Rothschild’s, and Masai — managed in North American zoos. An SSP is a cooperative conservation management program to protect species from extinction through long-term captive breeding.

Currently, there are approximately 462 giraffes in North American zoos. Because he is the first calf for both of his parents, Mashama will be an important individual in the SSP for years to come.

Brookfield Zoo – Mashama

“No Zoo de Brooksfield, em Chicago (EUA), a girafa Fanny dá uma lambida na cabeça de seu filhote, que tem duas semanas de vida e um metro e meio de altura. É a terceira vez que Fanny dá à luz no zoológico, que já viu 57 girafinhas nascerem em cativeiro. Foto: Com duas semanas de vida, filhote ganha cafuné da mãe, a girafa Fanny, no zôo Brooksfield, em Chicago (EUA).” Fonte: Folha Online, 2008. Foto: M. Spencer Green/AP.

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